Congratulations to Carl Basuino who has been appointed Commissioner on Senior Affairs for the City of San Leandro.

Kudos to Steve M. who has lost 40 pounds while on the "Take Shape for Life Program" and achieved marked improvement in his cholesterol and diabetes control.

Congratulations to Phil Williams who has published his book on running a successful business.

In October, 2013,our staff walked at Lake Merritt on behalf of the American Diabetes Association fund-raiser to "Stop Diabetes"

Congratulations to Lillian M, who is the oldest member of her senior ladies dance troop the Golden Follies. She is still out there doing the high kick.

Congratulations to Elizabeth S. who left age 100 behind years ago.

Contratulations also to Emma T. who is 101 years old.

We have many patients, too numerous to mention, living long and healthy lives in their 90s.

Kudos to Joseph P. for being an excellent caretaker for his ill relative.

In appreciation to our RD Chris who coordinated the recent 5 and 10 K walk run "Running is my High" for the Native American Health Center.