Diabetes Support Group



SEPTEMBER 6: Washington DC update
OCTOBER 4: Q and A with a Diabetes Doctor
NOVEMBER 1: Smart Holiday Choices
DECEMBER 6 : Recipe Exchange and Celebration

On December 5, 2016 we had a discussion on having a Healthy Holiday and New Year.

On November 7, hosted Fresh Approach present a nutritional and shopping seminar.

For October, we had "Diabetes Bingo" a chance to test your knowledge and win prizes.

In September, we hosted our third annual DIABETES AND WELLNESS DAY on September 17.

For August, we had the free TaiChi class that was originally scheduled for July.

On July 11, we had a free Blood Pressure Measurement and Control class. Please come

On June 6 Niroga Yoga Institute did conduct a free Yoga Class.

On May 7, 2016 we had a discussion of "Optimum Health" to include assessing salt and sugar content of various foods.

On March 7, 2016, we had a special program involving fitness experts with a fun walk at the beginning and participatory chair exercises.

On Feburary 1, 2016 we had an "A1C Champion" talk about his personal journey to control his diabetes from Gary Montuori.

On January 11, 2016, we had an interactive session on "New Year, New Choices: Creating Optimal Health" to share ideas about feeling your best and making healthy changes.

On July 6, Drs. Anand and Schultz leg a group walk at the San Leandro Marina, Doctors walked and talked with participants about their diabetes issues.

On June 1,
We had an engaging session where we explored diet and
lifestyle factors to help improve your blood sugar and cholesterol.

On May 4, , we hosted Dr. Shwetha M. Anand, MD, who led a discussion on "Understanding and Using Your Test Results to Improve Your Health."

On April 6, attendees of the Taking Control Seminar discussed what they learned. In addition, Lisa Bellini educated the group on the heart math technique.

On March 7, the Support Group went to Santa Clara for an exciting seminar on "Taking Control of Your Diabetes" .

February is Heart Month. On Monday, Feb. 2, Lisa Bellini gave a presentation on "Heart Math" a unique and innovative approach to heart health.

On January 5, 2015, the group discussed "Tiny Changes" an appropriate topic for the New Year.

For Heart Month, Feburary 2015, LIsa Bellini, RD, CDE will facilitate a "Heart Math" presention. This is a very unique concept that will fascinate all participants.

On December 1, our new colleague, Dr. Shwetha M. Anand, endocrine and diabetes specialist, presented "Diabetes: Everything You Wanted to Ask"

On November 3, Caroline McFadden presented "Tips and Tricks for Staying on Track during the Holidays"

On Monday, October 6, at 5 PM, Laura Putnam and Heidi Heller of "Motion Infusion" presented "PLEASE DON'T TAKE A SEAT." With humor and wit, they discussed how to increase your metabolism with simple steps and learn ten one minute exercises you can do to tone up your muscles.

On Monday, August 4, health educator Cathy Stonefeldt helped the group through stress reduction exercises and techniques.

On Monday, July 7, Registered Dietitian Chris Weahunt led a discussion on the new food labels and how to interpret them to get the best nutrition.

On June 2 Rob Ferguson, Nutrition and Life style Coach, led a discussion on Farmers Markets

On March 3, Dr Fang, Psy.D, psychologist, discussed "Adding Joy to Your Life."

On February 3, Cardiology Specialist Dr. Aditya Jain got us started on Heart Month with a discussion on "Diabetes and Heart Health"

On January 6, professional comedian Joey Guila helped us get the New Year going with a smile.

On October 7 we hosted a session on
“Falls prevention and Wellness”

On November 4, Dr. Schultz discussed "Obama Care and You"

In September we hosted Dr. Preston Maring, MD. Dr. Maring is a nutrition pioneer who introduced farmers markets to the Kaiser health system and upgraded their hospitals nutritional programs.