Influenza (The Flu) is now widespread in the US and we have seen cases in California. It is a potentially severe and deadly illness that kills thousands of people in the United States each year.
This year the most common variety is influenza A type H3. This variety is included in the flu vaccine that we are using.
Those with the flu have suffered from high fever, sore throat, muscle aches, fatigue and cough that can linger for weeks. This is not just a common cold!
For those of you who have already received your flu vaccine, thank you. This is the best way to keep yourself safe and stop transmission of the illness to your loved ones.
If you have not received your flu vaccine, please contact our office and we will be pleased to accommodate you. The flu peaks in late January to February so it is not too late. It can take 14 days for the vaccine to reach its maximum protective effect, so act soon.
The vaccine does NOT cause the flu. Because there are many other viruses that make people ill in the winter, you may come down with another illness, like a cold or infection caused by another virus after the flu vaccine.
For further information, you can refer to the California Department of Health website;