Prepare for your doctor appointment

Know what you want to accomplish at your doctor appointment
Prioritize what you want to discuss

1.Talk with your doctor
Tell your doctor:
• If applicable, about the problem and symptoms you are experiencing
• If you have had these symptoms before, write down when they occur
• Recent lifestyle changes, stress, weight gain, other changes
• Write down any questions you have ahead of time

2. Write down the medications you take (or bring them to your appointment)
• What are other options to manage my condition?
• What else can I do to protect my health?
• Are there restrictions I need to follow?
• Is there a generic alternative to the medicine you're prescribing?

3. What you need from your doctor Appointment
. Write down instructions and next steps
Tell your doctor if you have concerns about following his/her advice and why.
Maybe you can both agree on a plan that seems better for you.

4. Ask if a follow-up visit is needed