In April, 2013, Consumer Reports in association with the American College of Physicians hosted a health fair for consumers in San Francisco.

The theme of the fair was to help educate patients, also known as health care consumers, to make wise choices and get the care and preventive services they need while avoiding over testing and over treatment, which can be both costly and harmful.

The Archives of Internal Medicine has a series called "Less is More" while the American College of Physicians, a Prestigious group of Internal Medicine Specialists, calls its program "Choosing Wisely"

Consumer Reports will have many of these materials on their website.

For instance, do CT scans help in the diagnosis or management of most headaches, or x rays and MRI scans help in the diagnosis and treatment of most back pains? Usually not.

It is important to address not only what CAN be done, but what SHOULD be done. That is a collaborative effort between the patient and their health care practitioner.

We regard such collaboration and advice as an important function for us as your health and wellness advisors.