Reimbursement for Vaccination

• All Medicare Part D plans cover the shingles vaccine. Depending on your plan, you may or may not need to pay a portion of the total cost for the shingles vaccine. There may be a copay for the vaccine, or you may need to pay in full then get reimbursed for a certain amount.
• Medicare Part B does not cover the shingles vaccine.

• Medicaid may or may not cover the vaccine. Contact your insurer to find out.

Private health insurance
• Most private health insurance plans cover the vaccine for people 60 years of age or older. Some plans cover the vaccine for people 50 to 59 years of age”

Current recommendation is to give the vaccine once in your lifetime. This may change as more information is available.

While the FDA has approved the vaccine for use in those ages 50-59, some insurers will reimburse that cost and some will not.

Unfortunately, the cost of the vaccine is approximately $200. We are happy to administer the vaccine for you in our office. Our procedure is to give you a prescription that you can bring to Medical Arts Pharmacy, which will check your insurance coverage, have you pay any cost not covered, and give you the vaccine to bring back to us to reconstitute and administer. Alternatively, you can go to a chain pharmacy to have their pharmacist give you the injection.
Should you get any vaccination at a location other than our office, please let us know so we can enter it in your medical record