Women's Health

We recognize that women may have their unique health issues. Because we treat the entire person, we are able to address these needs as part of a total health care agenda, both for prevention and treatment.

We are able to perform Pap smears, women's annual physical exams including breast and pelvic exams, and urine tests.

More importantly, our well trained health care providers CAN INTERPRET the results so that you can understand them in plain language and make the best choices for your health and well -being.

We are happy to refer you to excellent specialists in our area should that be the best choice for you.

Services provided:

Pap smears and HPV tests to screen for cervical cancer
Vaccinations as indicated
Breast cancer screening
Birth control counseling
Menopause evaluation and counseling
Bone Density counseling for bone health
Exercise and Nutrition Counseling
Weight control management
Evaluation and Treatment of Urinary infections and incontinence issues